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Our products are receiving rave reviews and changing lives everyday. Meet our clients, Senior Advisors who were once just clients, and athletes who share their personal experience about Swish30 and PrimaSkin.

Luke Sky Krcil - Founder of Doctors Nano speaks with Archie Messersmith-Bunting, creative marketing director of Bio Biz Bash at this year's event in Austin, Texas. We are giving professionals the opportunity bring in top of the line products to their business as an additional source of income and help their clients achieve optimal health with the convenience and power of glutathione.

Meet Jessica Dickinson from Aboost Wellness & Salon in Prescott, Arizona. A very bright co-founder who knows shares the secret of glutathione.

Erik Deitz became a Senior Advisor when his friend introduced him to Swish30. Being a semi-pro cyclist at Cannondale Bikeway, Erik was convniced when he noticed his numbers improved and now use the products daily along with his rigorous training and buy life schedule.

Meet Dr. Tanya Maximoff from Maxlife Chiropractic. As a healthcare professional, she has joined our team to educate our clients about Glutathione and all its powerful antioxidant benefits.

Dr. Kate Roger loves how the PrimaSkin product changed her skin tone, and texture. She is a big advocate and very knowledgeable in the space. Listen to her story of how she discovered the amazing products.

Luke Sky Krcil travels the world looking for great products and found these life-changing products when he was faced with mold toxicity for many years in Florida. As a scientist with years of holistic health experience, Luke doesn't promote anything that he doesn't use himself.

Reverend Arlene Hilton has years of experience as a beauty expert and discovered how PrimaSkin brought new life to her complexion. She has decided to get back into the business after trying the products herself.

Tim McGhee is a Nurse Practitioner for the VA and owns three Legendary Family Healthcare centers. He discovered Swish30 and PrimaSkin last year at the A4M show and finally decided to invest in the products after hearing so many great things about glutathione. He is confident that his clients will love the products and will be offering them at his wellness centers this year.

Dr. Stef of New Heights Chiropractic and Nutrition from Bensalem, PA stops by the Doctors Nano booth to learn more about the products and was amazed at how quickly she is feeling the effects of Swish30 and Primaskin on her face. She is excited to bring in the products to her clinic.

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